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Event styling at a whole new level!

You want to host an event that everyone will fondly remember. Therefore, you need a passionate, caring and professional event styling in Sydney.

At Tumbleweed Events, we love having a good time! We understand nothing is more important than getting the look and feel of your event just right. With our experience in event styling – we make your private party, corporate event or wedding an event to remember.

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Everything Starts With a Plan

The first meeting you have with us is the chance for you to express your ideas.

We’ll discuss the details of your event and what you need to make it successful. From lighting to furniture, venue hire, props and decorations – every detail is covered and documented.

We also provide our own professional input and advice to help you make the right decisions.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. As creative professionals in event styling across Sydney – we couldn’t agree more.

Storyboarding is an effective way to transform your ideas into a visual plan. That’s why every detail from sights, sounds, location and tastes are realised onto a storyboard for you.

This gives us the vision and direction we need to pull off the perfect event. You also have the assurance that we fully understand your scope and vision.

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Prop Hire

You want the little details to form the big picture of your event.

Tumbleweed Events has a large collection of bespoke props and accessories for hire. Our designs are lovingly crafted from organic materials and beloved treasures from today and yesterday.

All of our props and accessories are custom-made or sourced from reputable suppliers.

  • Stunning floral arches
  • Rustic-inspired and contemporary furniture
  • Lighting, lanterns and votive candles
  • Blackboard signage and frames
  • Decorations
  • Kids party accessories and supplies
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We Can Help

  • Professional consultation and storyboarding
  • Prop hire from Tumbleweeds Collection or your own collection
  • Venue hire suggestions and onsite assessment
  • Set up of decorations, props, furniture, lighting and floral arrangements
  • Sourcing of materials and props
  • Proudly serving all metro and regional areas of Sydney

Make Your Next Event Memorable

Tumbleweed Events are creative experts in event styling for Sydney. Plan your next event with us by calling 0412 020 322 or fill our out online form and we can give you a FREE quote.

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