Bring Your Concept to Life with Event Hire in Sydney

Event layout requires undivided attention to ensure that what you envision materialises. Tumbleweed Events provides event hire in Sydney that focuses on everything you would need to make your event aesthetically pleasing while following a theme.

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Benefits of Hiring Tumbleweed Events for Event Styling

While organising an event is always fun, we relieve some of the pressure by ensuring that your vision comes to life to produce a memorable experience.

  • Our talented stylists combine your ideas to create a beautiful setting for your event, capturing your unique style and personality. We brainstorm concepts with you and incorporate your favourites into the design.
  • With so many options available, many people find choosing a theme difficult and overwhelming. We realise your core idea and bring all your elements together, including furniture and decorations.
  • Planning a big event becomes time-consuming when dealing with suppliers, vendors, and venues, as there are numerous behind-the-scenes activities to co-ordinate. While you may feel delegating tasks to friends and family members will save you time and money, they may not be able to enjoy the event fully. From conceptualisation until the completion of your event, we focus on each detail to ensure a successful occasion.
  • Your stylist should be an experienced professional, with many successful events to their name. We will always have a contingency plan in place should any uncontrollable factors influence your big day. We continuously source updated decor and themes to offer you fresh event prop furnishings.
  • Every venue has different regulations and permits varying activities. Our team is familiar with many venues in Kirrawee and surrounds and offers you the benefit of experience. Our team provides knowledgeable advice on decor placement, and suggest extra elements to make your theme stand out.
  • It is important to trust and rely on your suppliers so that you can relax on your special day. Our industry experience provides access to the best vendors that can achieve your requirements within your budget and on time.
  • On the day of your event, we ensure complete organisation. While you focus on yourself, we co-ordinate the event setup timeously and according to your design.

When Deciding on Event Styling in Sydney, Consider This:

From helping you select your theme and colour palette, to designing each detail for your occasion, your wedding stylist should be proficient in each phase, ensuring the outcome exceeds your vision.

  • It is important for a stylist to understand your personality and have enough experience to execute your desired event at the level you require. We recommend personal face-to-face meetings with potential stylists so that you can get an accurate feel for the person - after all, you'll be working closely with them for the next few weeks or months. Asking many questions and showing genuine enthusiasm in your planning shows their interest in your event, as they will be responsible for understanding your vision to execute accordingly.
  • To narrow down your list of stylists, ask for their portfolios of similar events they have completed in the past. Similarly, if a company has nothing to hide, they should provide contactable references. Online reviews are also helpful in ascertaining how they operate. Ask them what vendors they have worked with in the past, and contact them too.
  • However, which way you decide to interview potential stylists, asking the right questions is imperative. Comprise a list of five questions that you see as the most important, and evaluate whether they're a good match based on their feedback. Start with questions such as the type of equipment they supply, timelines, communication methods, and budget.
  • To save yourself time, disappointment, and future financial strain, it is important to ascertain if their services are within your budget, and if their prices are high enough to ensure they can do the best job for your event. A competent stylist can work with different budgets to bring your idea to life, but if their price range is way over your budget, it could be difficult for them to effectively deliver your required results. Discuss your budget openly before making any decisions, and ask to see their portfolio of similar budgets to avoid frustration down the line.
  • Before committing to event prop hire, you should understand what their services entail, as well as any limitations that could hamper your event. Many companies may specialise solely in event flowers, where we can offer any event-related decor, furniture, and props. You'll be forever appreciated as a host if you hire sufficient seating for your guests. From barstools to folding chairs, and soft-seating, let your guests sit back, and appreciate the occasion you have created for them. We further offer lighting, that can play a vital role in setting the tone of your event. Combined with our decoration options, you can create outstanding visual effects that will wow your guests.

Why Trust Tumbleweed Events Regarding Event Prop Hire in Sydney

We provide a comprehensive range of props and furniture to complete your special occasion. Choose from our range of arches that symbolise strength and support, and that represent new beginnings when passing into a new space. A concept that is deeply consistent with worship and hospitality industries, and is particularly prominent at wedding ceremonies in symbolising the beginning of a marriage.

For more information on how we can transform your concept into a design with our expansive range of event flowers in Sydney, contact us.

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